Our History

Past Present and Future

The Americana Hotel was built in 1972 by the Capin family who have strong roots in our beautiful town of Nogales, AZ , they had the right concept and vision for this amazing venue, It flourished for years with outstanding hotel service, three event halls and extraordinary Bar and Restaurant Service, Unfortunately throughout the years there were changes in management and Ownership that lead to the decline of this once prestigious hotel. NOW under the NEW leadership and Owners led by Mr. Luis Borbon Jr. and his Amazing sta This Gem in the Desert is on a powerful pace to becoming one of the top hotel attractions in Southwest Arizona. So far the Mayan has been renovated and updated with a new marble floor with the capacity of up to 400 guests as well as a garden area in the works. The Toltec has been Converted into a state of the art business center with a meeting sized table as well as two 80 in televisions for any power point presentation including a modern projector and screen this makes this the perfect location for any corporate meeting. The outdoor pool area

will be upgraded with a waterslide as well as a 10 person hot tub for those amazing fall / winter nights. We also will be including Three Gazebo Rentals that will include an amazing drink and food package for any guest from out of town or a fabulous staycation! Apart from the fun at the pool we will be oering an outdoor grill where you can hire one of our trained chefs to put together an amazing meal, anything from tacos, cheeseburgers, steaks or a one of a kind Hibachi by the Pool Dinner!